Street Scene

A new film takes a look at the worldwide struggle against visual pollution

Check out the new trailer for This Space Available, a documentary film by Gwenaelle and Marc Gobe about worldwide visual pollution and what can be done to stop it.  We saw the film at its debut at the docNYC film festival, This Space Available speaks to the ever-growing problem of visual blight… reminding us that we CAN reverse the tide and reclaim our public spaces.

I think that what we liked best about this film was that it highlighted a range of struggles against unauthorized outdoor advertising including illegal venues around the world that are impacting the environment.

In the film, the makers ask why brands continue to ally themselves with an industry that “cuts down trees, hogs energy, and spends its profits in courts and statehouse lobbies, while younger consumers push for improved corporate citizenship.”  Questions we wholeheartedly agree need to be asked AND answered.

Trailer from This space available on Vimeo.