Richard W. Weekley

Each year Scenic Houston recognizes a community leader who is playing a vital role in improving Houston’s appearance and image. This year we are pleased to honor long-time Scenic Houston advocated and supporter, Mr. Richard (Dick) W. Weekley with our Scenic Visionary award.

Dick Weekley a native Houstonian, has been a stalwart supporter of civic and community affairs in our city.  Mr. Weekley is a member of the Greater Houston Partnership Board of Directors Executive Committee and a life board member of the Metropolitan YMCA, where he formerly served as chairman. He is also a member of the Texas Business Leadership Council, which recognized him with the inaugural Richard W. Weekley Public Policy Leadership Award in 2014. Dick is also a former board member of the Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and a former member of the Governor’s Business Council Executive Committee.

Dick’s scenic work in Houston began decades ago.  He is a co-founder and president of the Quality-of-Life Coalition of Houston, a group of individuals that focused on the importance of parks, street trees, natural areas, fewer billboards, appropriately scaled signage and no graffiti, litter or abandoned properties.  The Quality-of-Life Coalition, spearheaded by Dick, was instrumental in 2003 in receiving $78 million from the U.S. Federal Government towards forestation on all freeways in Houston region.  The trees and greenery you see today is because of Dick’s dedication to the beauty of this city.

Dick Weekley has been a hero to Scenic Houston and our scenic environment. He has quietly helped to improve and maintain billboards and sign regulations in Houston and in Texas. He has been instrumental in protecting Houston’s billboard ordinance on multiple occasions and most recently helped bring the scenic byways program to Texas.  In 2017, he was instrumental in Scenic Houston’s Broadway/Hobby Corridor Redevelopment Project, Scenic Houston’s capital improvement plan to enhance the streetscape along the Broadway Street airport corridor connecting William P. Hobby Airport to I-45 Gulf Freeway. This beautifully landscaped gateway provided infrastructure and aesthetic improvements to the corridor and an added facelift to a historical community in Houston.

The work that Dick Weekley has done in Houston and in Texas will lead a lasting legacy for all Houstonians.  Scenic Houston is honored to present Mr. Weekley with the 2021 Scenic Visionary Award.  Join us on Tuesday, November 2nd, as we celebrate one of Houston’s greatest citizens.

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