Scenic Houston is pleased to announce its 20th Annual Dinner honorees Bradley R. Freels and Allan Port.

Brad leads Midway, the development company with a mission to create remarkable places that enrich people’s lives. As a native Houstonian, Brad has a particular pride and affinity for his hometown. Through his leadership, Midway has embraced the value and benefits of community placemaking, delivering successful, authentic spaces built not just for where people can live or work, but also where they want to come together. This powerful design vision aligns perfectly with Scenic Houston’s mission to enhance the scenic character of the places where people live, work and visit. For his foresight and leadership,
Scenic Houston is pleased to name Brad Freels its 2019 Scenic Visionary.

Native Houstonian Allan Port has demonstrated a lifelong devotion to quality of life issues in Houston and beyond. His vision of verdant, safe, visually appealing communities has led him to become deeply involved in the work of Scenic Houston and Scenic Texas. He was a principal figure of the predecessor organization Billboards Limited, which was instrumental in changing Houston’s sign law to prohibit new billboards in 1980. Scenic Houston credits Allan with helping to cultivate the concept of “quality of place” that has taken deep root across our city, encompassing public spaces, great neighborhoods and streetscapes that work to make cities livable while fostering inclusivity and socialization. Because a better Houston has been his unerring focus,
Scenic Houston is proud to call Allan Port its 2019 Scenic Hero.

Annual Dinner History

Walter M. Mischer, Jr., Scenic Visionary
Paul D. Chapman, Scenic Hero

Mayor Sylvester Turner, Scenic Visionary

Larry D. Johnson, Scenic Visionary

Robert Duncan, Scenic Visionary

Richard J. Campo, Scenic Visionary
Margaret Lloyd, Scenic Hero

John W. Johnson, Scenic Visionary
H-E-B, Scenic Initiative

John Kirksey, Scenic Visionary
Central Houston, Scenic Initiative

Ann Lents, Scenic Visionary
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Scenic Integrity Award

Mayor Annise Parker, Scenic Visionary

Jonathan Day, Scenic Visionary
Harris County Toll Road Authority, Green Roads Award

Cece and Mack Fowler, Scenic Visionaries
Kay Crooker, Scenic Hero
Uptown Houston District, Scenic Initiative

Bob Lanier, Scenic Visionary
Mary Lou Henry, Scenic Hero

Gerald Hines, Caroll Shaddock, Bob Randolph, Eleanor Tinsley,
Madeline Appel, Bill Coats,
Louis Sklar, Mavis Kelsey Jr, Scenic Visionaries

Jodie Jiles, Scenic Visionary
Gary Trietsch, Green Roads Award

Mayor Bill White, Scenic Visionary

Sadie Gwin Blackburn, Scenic Visionary

Max Watson, Scenic Visionary

Ed Wulfe, Scenic Visionary

Cynthia and George Mitchell, Scenic Visionaries

Eleanor Tinsley, Champion of Scenic Conservation