I-69 Bridges

In 2017, Scenic Houston partnered with the Houston First Corporation to visually enhance the bridges crossing over I-69 between Tuam and Leeland. The goal of the project was to help increase awareness of Houston’s local culture and history and to foster a sense of pride and connection amongst Houstonians.  The imagery placed on the bridges was selected from local artist Geoff Winningham’s book and exhibition, “In the eyes of Our Children:  Houston, an American City”.

The show and the book were the culmination of a 6-year project that began in 2011 and involved 132 school children in the Houston area.  The bridge art was created by weaving colorful strips of corrugated vinyl through the existing chain link fencing on the bridge.  The strips were pre-printed on both sides to form the pixelated images.

These bridges in particular were chosen because they connect vital parts of the city, Downtown, Midtown and some historically underserved communities to the east.  Scenic Houston was proud to participate in this beautification project that celebrates Houston’s rich diversity.