Kay B. Crooker passes away at 78, former Scenic Houston Board President and longest-serving member of the city’s planning commission.

photo of Kay B. Crooker
Kay B. Crooker, 1933 - 2012

Throughout her extraordinary volunteer career, Kay Crooker was a driving force for preserving and enhancing the visual character of Houston.  Appointed to the City of Houston’s Planning Commission by five consecutive mayors, and the longest-serving member of the city’s planning commission, Kay ensured that Houston’s development rules and the application of those rules support sustainable development and a greener Houston.

As chairman of the Neighborhood Preservation Committee, she made it easier for established neighborhoods to preserve existing lot sizes. As chairman of the Task Force that created the City of Houston’s Tree and Shrub Ordinance, Kay employed grit, charm, intelligence and a laser focus to successfully bring a committee of divergent interests together to enhance Houston’s urban forest.

Beyond the Planning Commission, Kay devoted her valuable time to Scenic Houston, the Houston Botanical Garden, The Park People, Trees for Houston, and Katy Prairie Conservancy.

You can read more about Kay and her remarkable life of service in the Houston Chronicle.

Through her words and deeds, Kay B. Crooker created a better Houston for all and demonstrated that she was a true hero in this community.  We will miss her.