METRO approves contract to study advertising value of agency assets

At its February Board of Directors meeting, METRO signed a $103,831 contract with IMG Worldwide to conduct an asset monetization study that will seek to forecast revenue METRO could generate by selling advertising on a wide array of the transit agency’s assets, including the outsides of buses and trains, bus shelters and train stations (read more below).

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At the February 15th METRO Customer Service Committee meeting, METRO President & Chief Executive Officer George Greanias stated that METRO’s analysis of forecasts of revenue generated by advertising would be balanced against any perceived cost to the agency’s brand image and reputation, or any impact on advances made citywide to improve the visual landscape and clean up blight.  Also, he stated that IMG would be directed to include public comment in its study, specifically naming Scenic Houston.

It’s clear from watching the comments that the METRO Board intends to pay close attention to the public’s wishes when it comes to forming a new advertising policy for METRO.

You can view the committee discussion on the contract here – relevant discussion begins at the 50:00 minute mark.

photo of a metro bus