Airport Corridor Improvement Initiative

Houston is a world-class city.  But that’s certainly not the image we project to business partners or the best-and-brightest we want to lure here to study and work.  The unsightly condition of Houston’s airport corridors creates an unfavorable first impression. Scenic Houston is confident that we can re-shape our airport entryways, our welcome to Houston.  We can reverse the negative first impression. Scenic Houston is outlining a plan to dramatically improve the appearance and conditions of these high-visibility areas, and will seek public support and approval of the proposed elements of the plans.  Public and private resources will be marshaled to design and create landscaping and other improvements in these corridors.

The Streetscape Resource Guide

Scenic Houston has conducted an inventory and analysis of all public regulations that impact the visual aspects of Houston’s streets and public spaces.  Utilizing this information as well as reference data on best practices in other U.S. cities, Scenic Houston has produced in coordination and collaboration with senior staff of the City of Houston Planning and Public Works Departments, the Scenic Houston Streetscape Resource Guide.  This guide is a practical, photo-rich companion to Houston’s current streetscape development regulations.  It can be used by all stakeholders interested in how Houston streets can be constructed and redeveloped to build healthier, more attractive neighborhoods, improve impressions of the City and foster economic growth. Click here to view/download the Streetscape Resource Guide.

Scenic City Certification Program

The Scenic City Certification Program recognizes municipalities that implement high quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. Cities with strong scenic standards reflect civic pride, benefit from a solid sense of community character and are well-positioned for economic growth. Any Texas city may apply to the Program for an objective review of existing municipal infrastructure ordinances as they relate to public roadways and public spaces. The evaluation compares these standards to the Scenic City model devised by 17 Scenic City Program Partner organizations. Assessment is points-based, and every city applicant receives a detailed, scored evaluation. Official certification can be earned by cities that score in the upper range and verify threshold standards for landscaping, tree planting and sign regulation. For more information, visit: