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Together we can make Houston a more scenic and livable city

Scenic Houston believes everyone has the right to live in a community surrounded by great spaces. More importantly, everyone has the right to contribute to making the place where they already live great. By developing a comprehensive, online resource library, Scenic Houston is arming community stakeholders with the tools and knowledge needed to become scenic advocates. This resource library is a multi-faceted tool that includes information concerning signage, streetscape design, walkability, streets and transportation, economic development, parks, public buildings, neighborhood development, safety, and much more.


Illegal Dumping
Overgrown Weeds/Grass
Dumpster Violations
Illegal Signs
Bandit Signs

What can you do?

The City of Houston Code of Ordinances includes requirements relating to illegal dumping, overgrown property, dumpster maintenance and illegal signage.


Adopt an Esplanade
Adopt a Drain
Adopt a Tree