All Texas residents deserve to live in cities with strong infrastructure standards that support safe, accessible public spaces and help shape community character. The Scenic City Certification Program, which Scenic Houston devised and administers as a project of Scenic Texas, provides all Texas cities access to a diagnostic tool to assess their existing infrastructure standards for public roadways and public spaces against a set of model standards devised by Scenic Houston, Scenic Texas and 16 program partner organizations. The assessment yields a detailed scoresheet, which we call a “roadmap” to guide municipalities to adopt better, stronger streetscape standards.  This program benefits citizens of all Texas cities by promoting and incentivizing attainment of high standards for public roadways and public spaces, which in turn can directly impact quality of life and economic development.

Since 2010, the Scenic City Certification Program has certified 83 Texas cities – including 16 cities in the greater Houston area – that implemented high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. The Program provides a proven, highly-regarded tool to Texas cities for assessment, evaluation, and recognition of infrastructure standards.

Any Texas city may apply to the Scenic City Certification Program for an objective, points-based review of existing municipal infrastructure ordinances. Every application receives a score sheet evaluation; cities that score at the upper level and demonstrate a landscaping/tree planting program, on-premise sign regulations and prohibition of new billboards may earn Certified Scenic City status.

Benefits of participation include:

  • provides expert third-party evaluation of existing standards
  • facilitates internal review and analysis of development plans
  • serves as a platform to educate citizens on the impact of local regulations
  • fosters community character and civic pride
  • enhances economic development efforts

Click here to view the full list of certified Scenic Cities, statewide.

Certified Greater Houston Area Cities

Houston - Silver
Nassau Bay - Bronze
Friendswood - Platinum



Missouri City



League City





El Campo



West University Place


Nassau Bay