Scenic Houston Launches Ambitious Streetscape Project

The Streetscape Project  is focused on improving the overall visual appearance of Houston’s streetscapes, and is very timely in light of the ReBuild Houston program.

Phase I of the Streetscape Project is nearing completion: an inventory of all public regulations impacting the visual aspects of Houston streetscapes (utility placement, sidewalks, setbacks, lane width, medians, landscaping, signage, street furniture, etc).  currently, there is no such resource in the City of Houston and Scenic Houston has taken on the task of creating this comprehensive inventory.

Completion of the inventory involves analysis of the current status of streetscape development when the existing public regulation requirements are followed. Scenic Houston believes the current regulations need much improvement.

We’ll report back soon on progress, where the completed inventory can be found  and the launch of Phase 2 of the Streetscape Project.  Stay tuned!