Scenic Houston works with partner organizations on streetscape issues.

photo of metro busScenic Houston is busy at work with several area organizations on issues that support the Scenic Houston mission to preserve and enhance the visual character of Houston. In July, Scenic Houston Executive Director Anne Culver met with the board of directors of the Downtown Super Neighborhood to discuss METRO’s review of new methods to generate revenue, including selling ad space on the sides of its transit vehicles.

Because this will effectively turn METRO buses into rolling billboards, Scenic Houston has asked the Downtown Super Neighborhood as well as other neighborhood groups and area management districts to join Scenic Houston in expressing opposition to METRO.

Scenic Houston is collecting information and coordinating opposition to the proposal to turn METRO buses into rolling billboards. Organizations interested in learning more, or adding their voice to this effort, can email Scenic Houston at:

Scenic Houston, our predecessors and our partners have worked since 1980, with great success, to improve the visual aspects of Houston’s streets and public spaces. Our efforts have moved Houston from “billboard capital of the world” in 1980, with over 10,000 billboards to fewer than 1500 today, and we will not accept a proposal that adds 2400 new billboards to the streets of Houston.

Also in July, Culver met with the board of directors of the Alliance of North Houston Chambers of Commerce (ANHOC). ANHOC is developing its legislative agenda to include support for scenic issues, including opposition to any legislation that would mandate digital changing-message billboards without local control or decision-making.

Scenic Houston is partnering with the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce to encourage Harris County to bring its sign regulations for on-premise changing message signs in line with City of Houston standards.