Seven illegal billboards forced down in Houston

Photo of billboard

The City of Houston Legal Department has successfully forced down seven billboards that have existed illegally for many years in the Houston Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ).  During this time, the billboard company, Hang Em High Ltd., has collected – and will keep – significant revenue.

Scenic Houston applauds Mayor Parker, City Attorney Dave Feldman and his staff, and City Sign Administrator Katye Tipton for this success.  The City’s strong stance against Hang Em High and its associated company, Sign Ad, means a reduction of visual blight for citizens in the City’s ETJ.  This City has taken appropriate action against a renegade, scoff-law billboard company that cares nothing for the community in which it does business.   Scenic Houston is gratified by these positive steps to improve the visual appearance of our region.

Currently, there are 103 illegal billboards in Houston.  All of them have earned revenue during the time they have stood illegally.  They will likely never be required to disgorge this revenue.  The only reason billboards have value is due to their position along taxpayer-funded roadways, yet these billboard owners pay nothing to help fund or maintain those roadways, and are costing taxpayer dollars in the fight to force them down.

Soon there will “only” be 96 more illegal billboards for the City to remove.