Texas Avenue

As the former home of the Capital of the Republic of Texas in the 1800’s, Texas Avenue is one of Houston’s most historic roadways. The Rice Hotel, Union Station and Wortham Theatre Center all call Texas Avenue their home. Today it is still one of Houston’s most prominent thoroughfares.

In 2000, Scenic Houston partnered with downtown leaders on a historical scenic project to enhance Texas Avenue.  The project included the installation of 60 unique light streetlamp, the installation of historical markers and the planting of native trees along both sides of the Avenue, from the Hobby Center to Hamilton Street at Minute Maid Park. It also included installation of an additional 38 historical markers from Main Street to Hamilton Street, on the North side of US 59. Scenic Houston also produced a book and a hand-held walking tour guide that was distributed to downtown venues, area schools and libraries.

After its completion the largest thoroughfare in downtown Houston became a pedestrian haven for enjoying the majestic oaks while walking along and reading the fascinating history of Houston and this remarkable Avenue