Update on Sidewalk Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks, like the one shown here, are being placed all over Houston.

Digital kiosks, like the one shown above, are being placed all over Houston.Remember when you helped us oppose the city’s plan to install 125 800-pound digital sidewalk kiosks?  Scenic Houston’s concern was that they would significantly add to Houston’s visual blight, cause more bike and vehicular accidents and feature unwanted advertisements.  The first one has been installed downtown, and your neighborhood could be on the list to get one or more of them. While we were unable to stop City Council from allowing these to clutter our sidewalks, our supporters can let their City Council members know if the proposed locations are problematic.

Last week, a map identifying the first 75 proposed sites was placed on the city website.  It is no longer available to the public, and there has been no timeline provided for putting it back. If you would like to know where these multi-screen advertising kiosks are likely to be placed, you can call your District Council Member’s office.  We have provided a map of all the districts below.  You can also click the link below the map to enter your address to identify your district Council Member.  You can let them know you are concerned that the signs will impede walkability and create distractions for drivers.

If you decide to reach out to your District Council Member, please feel free to keep Scenic Houston in the loop.  We would appreciate the ability to keep track of public input.  You can copy us via email at

Now is the time to have your voice heard!

Click here to identify your District Council Member